The Merengue Soul

I’m so looking forward to my first certification class on July 18th in Oakville. It’s now less than a month left! I’m trying to lose 10 lbs before then so we’ll see how that goes!


Let’s get back on the subject of losing weight. If you were like me I used to weigh 190 lbs and stayed that way for 4 years after I had my first child. I tried diets such as the cabbage diet, and another diet I saw on Oprah that was still packed with carbs – no wonder the cravings never went away.

It wasn’t till I met a girl at my work, who tried a lifestyle diet called Atkins. I’ve been using it’s principle with a little bit of my own for about 2 years now and have been able to maintain a weight of 155-160. It’s not my goal weight because I didn’t take it far enough and kinda lacked a little bit of motivation – I figured it was my little plateau. My goal weight is actually and ideally 130lbs. I’m only 5’1 inches tall so that would be a good size for me. I’m actually using my reason of becoming a Zumba workout class instructor my motivation for that. Hey, I have the energy and the moves but I’d prefer to look the part too;)

I would like to help yawl along in to losing weight like I did so you can increase the quality of your lives. I cooked up a little somethinsomethin‘ for lunch as a low carb alternative so you can have an idea on how to eat in a better way so you can lose weight easier as you work out. Oh yeah, and exercise is non-negotiable, it will not only speed up your weight loss, but it’s really great for your body in reducing major health risks, and you’ll be happier and feel less stressed out. Make sure you get an ipod – I mean …who doesn’t love music??? Get some great tunes on your ipod to keep you motivated as you’re working out.

Here are step by step photos of a dish I cooked called: Chicken a la veggie

So don’t be afraid of taking on a lower carb eating lifestyle change – It’s healthy. You’ll eat more vegetables, nutrient rich fruits , and healthy proteins. Try to aim for lower fat, lower carb and you’ll be on the way so a sexier, hotter, and more confident you;) Watch out world because here you come!

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{May 30, 2010}   Zumba Instructor Training

Went to the website today to see how many other training sessions are being held worldwide. It was so surprising to see how much of a hot item this is in even as far as Australia, UK, France and of course USA and Canada – Sold out classes everywhere!

I wanted to take the training session in the month of June but I found out about it too late and it was sold out. I was even considering going to BC or Saskatoon to take it where Zumba Basic 1 training is still available. Crazy eh’ and way too expensive for my budget at this point in time.

I almost signed up for the Zumba Gold in error thinking it was a more advanced class or something. It’s actually designed to teach an older aged group or those who have problems with their joints and for who need to take it much easier. Phew! That was close, because in my class I’m jumping around like a jack rabbit! weeeeee!

I’d like to bring that energy to a class I’ll teach one day. I was taking a Zumba workout class and as I was going out the door this lady complimented “I want your rythem!” – I winked at her and smiled. Feels good when people see that in you. I was also in the change room at another Goodlife fitness facility in Mississauga – you know the Mavis/Dundas location and this lady asked me “How long will it take me to get to your level?” – With a smile I asked her what she meant and I told her about a month or so. She felt I had a lot of energy and I can’t help but bring it out sometimes because I love to dance to the latin music so I gotta move my feet to the beat!

So anyway, I was on the site again and woo hoo one popped up for Toronto, Ontario WOO HOO! It said the cost is 279 with the infamous asterisk* – in the end it cost me almost 500 bucks. Shhhh, don’t tell the husband though – it can be our little secret 😉 *wink*

Well I don’t care and I’m actually quite excited! 2 and a half months n’ counting. I’m looking forward to this than my own birthday;)

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{May 30, 2010}

I’m having lots of fun creating a website with yahoo. It’s nice to get into a new thing. I’ve gotten myself into a lot of things but nothing really clicked yet.

  • Sheridan to become a systems analyst – 2 out of 3 years completed
  • Extra sales training as aimed for inside sales jobs – where no doesn’t really mean no;)
  • Web, Graphic Design & SEO Experience through self learning
  • Fashion Construction & Design at George Brown College
  • Oh yeah, Beginner and Intermediate Courses in Belly Dancing 😉
  • And now Fitness Class Instructor and A Zumba Soul brought me to this point:)

I’ve been saying lately that it would be nice to have a career that I’d actually love doing. I like to inspire people and to make lives better. It’s surely icing on the cake when it involves dancing because I love to dance. Maybe this is the silver bullet venue I needed. If you have any suggestions about the website let me know.

{May 29, 2010}   What is a Zumba Soul?

The Zumba Soul

It is a soul that laughs, smiles after being invigorated by taking a zumba workout class near you. Allow a zumba workout release good endorphins into your body as you continue your day. Zumba is not about working out. It’s about having fun around great music and as an added perk, you lose weight the more often you do it. To do zumba you don’t need to come with a positive attitude because that attitude comes right to you during your sessions so that you leave an invigorated soul.

My name is Farida, and I am in the process of becoming a Certified Zumba Workout Class Instructor – And I look forward to sharing my dance talents with you all. My thanks go to everyone who encouraged me to take this step. My specialties are Belly dancing, Batchata to work the abs, Salsa!, Reggaeton, Reggae, Merengue, Mambo and of course to get you to learn a sexier Cha Cha Cha.

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