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{November 20, 2016}   How to cut up a Zumba Tee-shirt
Tanya Beardsley is still foremost my favorite Zumba Instructor. Kass has got nothin’ on you girl!  Even now that she is no longer promoting for Zumba Fitness she is still an inspiration when it comes to fashion and t-shirt cutting.  I believe that she actually started the whole craze because she is just that cool…
So even though Tanya Beardsley is gone from Zumba, her spirit is still here and shouts to us saying “Be the change you wanna see in the world.” – Ghandi
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Word to all the Tanya Beardsley fans out there. You gotta join her fan group where is is alive and active and responding to all of us. It’s awesome! Get in the game ladies!

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Farida Dancer:  So first question is when did you know you wanted “dance” to be a part of your full time career?

Tanya Beardsley:  Ummm…when did I know?  I think that kind of happened on accident.  I just know that dancing, for me, was always like the first form of communication for me. I’ve danced my whole life….I tried different things u know…but um words just kind a messed it up. Like I feel I’m super emotional and super passionate and dance kind of um allowed me to have an outlet…to let it out…instead of bottle it up.  I just kind a randomly like I heard about it but I was a competitive dancer u know and I was doing that professionally…yeah I was teaching dance and that was a whole different world. People told me about Zumba, and I googled it, and went to one of the first trainings u know and uh……….. 10 years later u know, it just like…it’s just important to….u know…expression man….empower people it’s important.
Farida Dancer: Yeah you totally have that ability naturally. Yeah and I just wanna know when did you realize a natural ability to motivate people because not everybody can do that? J

Tanya Beardsley:  No I didn’t and I think it just kind a happened through honesty…believe it or not. Most of us, like I was saying this morning …joking that I was having issues n’ stuff but we’re taught even in dance to keep it all in…don’t let it shake u ….u have to be a certain way…not to be verbal about your feelings. Yeah honesty man…because I think everybody holds it in…I think they’re not honest about how they feel and their insecurities n’ stuff like that…and I decided u know what…I’m never going to be able to connect with people if I have a constant front up…whether you like it or not…as long as I’m myself and I’m honest then I’m gonna be able to sleep at night.  Like it’s too much of a fasod that people try to put out or try to be something that they’re not and I think through going through everything that I deal with just as a human being and being open about it…have been able to connect with people…and maybe inspire them to open up about their stuff too.

Farida Dancer: Did you ever have issues with public speaking before or ….

Tanya Beardsley:  Yeah it always scared me.

Farida Dancer: Really????

Tanya Beardsley:  Yeah Always…like reports in school n’ stuff…

Farida Dancer: Yeah??

Tanya Beardsley: Yeah are you serious? I got sick n’ everything…..

Farida Dancer: What got you over that like what did you do to break that?

Tanya Beardsley: Being Honest.

Farida Dancer: Yeah

Tanya Beardsley:  And having my certain material like you know …having that material that we teach with but fully believing in that material and being able to express it in different ways is what got me over it but um I’m always nervous before everything I do. And that’s why with teaching you can warm up to people like through the movement and then it’s easier to speak to them once you’ve already connected in that element. And yeah but none of this happened until I started to learn to try to accept myself man and not try to change it…yeah a life long process but. And plus I feed off of people like you who tell me that you actually feel it and you know that’s important.

Farida Dancer: YeahJ

Tanya Beardsley: Yeah (Tearing up a bit) Now you got me going’ dude…

Farida Dancer:  Cool! Noooooo!

Tanya Beardsley: Smiling and laughing

Farida Dancer:  You use the strong phrase “Keep your ego at the door” – What works for you to make sure that you yourself follow that?

Tanya Beardsley: Because I know nothing lasts forever and we may be in this position now to be trainers, to be in videos and to be able to do what we can do. And that’s what it is, and it is that we are able to do what we can now and we should try to live in the now.   When we get caught up in ‘ego’, it deludes everything man and it makes you insensitive to what’s really going on because you’re always putting up that front. But like I was saying today there is always going to be people better than you and if you have such a huge ego it hurts worse when someone walks into the room and they totally kick your butt.  But everyone has their niche man and everyone is beautiful and amazing in their own different way. They may not be a great dancer but maybe they are an amazing artist in another way like a great mom or dad u know.  When ego sets in that is when things start to crumble. Unfortunately a lot of the chaos in the world today stems from ego.

Farida Dancer: So you recognize those consequences and that’s what keeps you…

Tanya Beardsley : Yeah J And also I hate egos cause I came from …like first I was in Miami and I was trying to fit in there doing my Zumba thing and I’m not that Miami type. I’m not this beautiful Latin Goddess….like I just think that Latin women are beautiful and I tried to be that….

Farida Dancer: Really? You tried to be that??

Tanya Beardsley: yeah I tried to fit that mould for a long time…and that why that process got difficult for me…and that’s why evolving…coz I feel like…..

Farida Dancer: Was that why you were dressing kind of more like feminine, like you know and now you go with a hip hop look now?

Tanya Beardsley: Yeah I’m a lot more comfortable in baggy clothes

Farida Dancer: Yeah! J You totally work the baggy clothes J

Tanya Beardsley: You know I feel I don’t have to take my clothes off to be sexy. I don’t think women should feel like they have to do that….and we don’t have to do that because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You know like I said…we are evolving….we are what we choose to be confident…we have to be mindful about that…u know.   And ego and all that u know I just didn’t ….it’s energy! Everything is energy! You know when you’re in the room with the most arrogant people it’s just not a good feeling! They say perfection is an illusion dude.

Farida Dancer: Yeah…that’s true…Buzz kill….

Tanya Beardsley:  Yeah you shouldn’t have to look a certain way, if you have to go through the whole prep…the hair…the makeup….you know everything….to walk about and feel good about yourself.  It starts from within.  I think in that confidence…that’s what projects.  Coz you know you can meet physically beautiful people but they’re just ugly…like their personality and their energy is ugly. And then again you can see average people and they have a beautiful soul and light that u know makes something extra special. Did I even answer your question???

Farida Dancer: Yeahhh! It did!! Totally wow!

Tanya Beardsley: I’m just going off on you over here dude! (Laughing)

Farida Dancer: J That’s awesome!

Farida Dancer:   If you had three wishes for your life in particular, what would they be?

Tanya Beardsley: Oh Boy…….

Farida Dancer: Let’s start with the first J

Tanya Beardsley: Oh Jeez….. Feel like the tears are gonna come………Three wishes?

I think the first one would be for my family to be healthy, happy and balanced. Um ……………and safe.   And another would be happy, healthy, balanced and safe for myself and okay with myself even when all this stops. These are kind a not wishes for material things but u know that comes and goes. You’re born alone and you die alone and you don’t have all your material stuff with you. Yeah it would be for my family and loved ones to be okay. And I think another one not to be selfish but I’d want me to be okay man, and quiet the voices n’ stuff.  And we talked about evolving and being okay when I move into the different phases of my life with no regrets.  That’s a big thing…I don’t want to have any regrets.  And I know it’s important to me is to tell people like my mom and dad …I tell them I love them everyday…it doesn’t matter where I am in the world, I have to text them or call them to tell them I love them because you never know what tomorrow…u never know…u know what I’m saying…that scares me. It’s important to be verbal about that kind of stuff.  And another wish I guess is just……world peace!? (laughing)…I’ve always wanted to say that (laughing) Man I’m gonna think about this later and I’ll be like damn! U know…gimme your email just in case and I’ll be like here are my three wishes J (thinking….)

Farida Dancer: For you…something for you

Tanya Beardsley: We got to learn to give more to ourselves especially as women again…always trying to give to everybody else and we never make ourselves happy. My third wish is that I would love to find the absolute love of my life. For someone to love me in my sweatpants and zit cream, to be a wonderful mother and to have a family from that stem…from that seed of love…that book love…that fairytale stuff….I believe in that. I’m a hopeful romantic. But damn I want that so bad…so bad. So I think that would be number three. The never dying true love soul mate….If that’s out there I want it.

Farida Dancer: Wow, that’s beautiful.

Farida Dancer: What do you enjoy while not working?

Tanya Beardsley: Spending time with my family…when I get a chance to. I like to see live shows. I like to go to concerts. Like Sade…she’s like my favourite artist…amazing. I like good conversation…I like to learn stuff from people…whatever like still appreciate stuff…like

Farida Dancer:  So you’re not really into the party or the club scene?

Tanya Beardsley: No I used to be. I definitely feel like dancing…like salsa dancing, I will do that all night long. But you know I can’t hang like I used to hang. Plus you know I tried to fit into that too for a while and it’s hollow. U know what I’m saying…But here I like to be with people and you’re having a good time and you get the same buzz, but you’re not coming down afterwards…u know…  But you know spending time with my family…I’ve been reading a lot, like you know romantic realism books…go figure…like to learn…good conversation man, music, chill, yea u know I don’t mind silence. Because with everything it’s always so loud, we’re always travelling…music, people and talking so. I’ve learned to be okay just being by myself…it’s downtime I enjoy…and whatever

Farida Dancer: What do you do to stay away from negative emotion…because you know as Cancer’s we can be very emotional…?

Tanya Beardsley:  I’m very internal. But I have to remind myself um again also that I always say that the “doubt kills” man.  Our mind is a powerful machine. The more that we leak poisonous gas into it to feed that machine we create; every individual creates their own reality. We all live within our own reality. But most of that is all turmoil and negativity that we create for ourselves. That’s why we seek perfection in all that we do but that’s why there’s worry all the time.   There’s worry of people being better than you…u know.  There are people that wanna hate you just because they’re jealous. Jealousy sucks man…because it works in the exact opposite way that we want it to.  And I keep coming back to this….honesty….if you’re honest with yourself…and try to be honest with other people and not try to put up that front man…then I think that a lot of negative vibrations get away from you…can’t fight that honesty man.  But u know it can be hard to be honest, because people judge. People judge people every single day. It doesn’t matter what position you’re in.  You can have a guy roll into this room right now in a wheelchair and people will look at him and feel bad for him…u know…it’s like projection. U know…its like how do you know he doesn’t have a happy life even if he’s in a wheelchair.  A lot of life is avoiding other people’s projections.  We all have a blank screen. When he comes into the room people project what they want to on that. That’s why I say “it’s my screen”…don’t project your negativity on it.

Farida Dancer: What’s your background?

Tanya Beardsley: Italian/English (England).  The Beardsley name is big in England.  Actually a famous painter carries the last name Beardsley and we’re not related. I checked.

Farida Dancer: What’s your astrological sign and your birth month and day?

Tanya Beardsley: Cancer, July 4th

Farida Dancer: Do you have a religious belief?

Tanya Beardsley: No I’m not religious but I am spiritual.

Farida Dancer: So you believe that there is a God.

Tanya Beardsley: Yes.

Reply with your comments of what other questions you think would allow us to get to know this amazing person a little better?

I got one: Are there any dancers that she looks up to?  Who in the Zumba industry does she look up to the most and why?  She identifies her interest in learning. Is there any thing in particular she really wants to learn more about? What do you eat to maintain your sexy and fit 6 pack abs?

P.S. I love you Tanya and you’re beautiful and you have a beautiful soul too.  I hope that with this interview the world can see that too and understand why you are truly an amazing person.  I wish for you and your family to be healthy and safe and for all your dreams in life to come true. If anyone deserves it …it’s you. BFF Farida Dancer from Canada;)

Tanya Beardsley has a message for us:

“After most of my life spent disciplining my outer atmosphere , I got to a place where, inevitably , my inner atmosphere needed a lot of work. Through both of those rigorous, but rewarding processes I found myself passionate about combining my experience with the physical body and my learnings of the Ego mind, heart and soul to help others find health, love, hope and healing. I live as the change I would like to see in the world and encourage others to do the same. Let us  be the change, make the space, and reap the benefit! Strong body. Strong mind. Strong Spirit! TAll love, Tanya “

You can visit her website at:

Heyyyyy sup! lol!

So it’s official, I have a hip hop/latin style of carrying out Zumba Classes. When I look for songs that I’d like to use on a playlist, i’m looking for that particular spicy beat in that song that makes me wanna dance and feel sexy.

Here’s an example with salsa songs:

With songs such as: I love salsa, or la comay…i don’t get that sexy salsa vibe from them so i either use them once and they’re off my playlist and never are seen again.

With songs like: Fuego La jicotea, pegale a los cueros (wow!) ..those are songs that get me goin’ and i’ll be using those as salsa songs for a long while until another spicy salsa song imho comes up.

I’m not so picky with merengue songs because the beats are similar and fun to do.

Also I love how the songs that are suggested to use in Zumba are “fusion songs”. Love those fusion songs. What are they? They are songs that are mixed with 2 rhythems. For example….Salsa/cumbia…or Reggaeton/Bellydance or Bollywood/Reggaeton, or Salsa/Reggaeton…love love love em’! Imho those songs are sexier and more interesting and less boring to dance to.

examples of fusion songs: Zeina, Sacudelo, She’s hot, Halle decale, Pegate

My idol and inspiration Tanya Beardsley also delivers awesome Zumba fitness classes with her hip hop b-girl latin flava zumba style too.   I do my best to keep it real by choosing songs that I can relate to so that to be the best I can be for my zumba classes.   Sadly to say …There are classes who absolutely LOVE me…and then there are those that aren’t so impressed because i’m considered too “hip hoppy”.   I am happy to say that there aren’t many of those thank goodness.  Today is sunday..and tomorrow is Monday and I’m lookin forward to my favorite place to teach monday nights…yes…Wynn fitness;)

I can’t help but be confused sometimes because ive been asked “can you play more latin songs?”  I know when I was taking classes at Goodlife last year I was always lookin’ forward to those salsa songs.  Because of that I make sure to have 3 or at least 2 salsa songs in every class. I can’t do more becuse there’s only one hour eh’ i gotta make room for the rest of my favorites too:))

So i’m hip hoppy…i’m not offended…but one can’t help be bummed out a little for not being able to please everyone.   That’s unrealistic to expect to please everyone.   Oh yeah..I forgot to mention why i was confused about being asked to play more latin music. It’s because 90% of the songs I play are all in spanish!  If what i’m being asked is to deliver a class with pure salsa, merengue and cumbia, and one reggaeton song or two..i can’t right now. But I am keeping an open mind for learning because there is always room for improvement right?

Just like Tanya says “If there’s 5 that don’t like you…there are 15 others that will”.  That’s my girl..keepin’ it real..and keepin’ us strong! Zumbbaaa!

p.s.  God I miss this chic…Kass ain’t got nothin’ on u girl….nothin…

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.  LAME

Why did Zumba training rates go up? Because now the specialty training DVD/CD sets are included:)  You no longer have to order or preorder them they’ll automatically come to you. Awesome value! You’ll be a better instructor by having fresh music and choreography at least 4 times a year. This is extra value if you’re not a ZIN member where you get music and DVD’s with choreography on a monthly basis!

So what did the training rates include before that?  It included a training booklet with a dated CD/DVD set that they’ve been using for a whiillleee (while). For the basic program it’s ooooooookaaaaaay but getting the new ones mailed quarterly is way better

You’ll also notice if there is a B1 training being offered at can fit’s gonna be with a Zumba celeb ZESs like Tanya Beardsley, Beto Perez, Gina, Jani!  If you can pay for it and go, it may change your life being inspired by them!

BTW..the rates went up again because now they encorporate warm ups and cooldown songs on the dvd/cd combo. I like the change actually. But they also want to switch us all over to electronic downloads via internet…but i will hold off for as long as i can…i like getting my dvd/cd in hand bruh.

Who is Tanya Beardsley? It was a question I was asking myself back in July of 2010 before going to the Can-Fit-Pro conference where she was going to attend.  I know things about her based on what I learned at the conference but who is she really?  This is a girl who will have Zumba training sessions SOLD OUT months in advance before any other zumba celebrity, including the creator himself Beto Perez!  There is just something about that girl that vibes off of her like an endorphin that we need more of.

So when I ask “Who is Tanya Beardley”, I’m not just talking about where she’s from and what’s her favorite color. I’d love to know who she is as a person.   If I were to interview her , here are a few questions I’d ask:

  • When did you know you wanted “dance” to be a part of your full time career?
  • At what age did you realize that you have a natural ability to motivate and inspire others?
  • Did you ever have issues with public speaking/or public performance when you were a young chica?  Is that a hump you had to overcome? How did you overcome it?
  • Are you happy?
  •  Do you have other career goals related to Zumba?
  • What do you enjoy doing while not working?
  • If you had three wishes for your life in particular, what would they be?
  • You use the strong phrase “Keep your ego at the door” – What works for you to make sure that you yourself follow this advice as well?
  • Oh yeah and gotta ask…are some of your awesome looking shoes custom made? How do you feel about your fans wanting to wear the same shoes as you? I’m not gonna name any names lol!

So Tanya …my BFF never forget me..Farida…feel free to respond to any of the questions of the above at my email 

Here is some basic information about Tanya Beardley  to know:

  • She lives in Manhattan, New York
  • Her zodiac sign is Cancer…like me…we’re practically sisters;)
  • She competed in professional ballroom latin dance before her Zumba career
  • She cuts up her zumba t’s either mens or womens shirts and wears them with colored bra tops.
  • Saw her in the dreamer zumbawear shirt and it looks ammmmazing! and chica sexy!!
  • She has a muscular build now and some big guns! I forgot to ask her to flex for me or even arm wrestle..but she still looks sexy and very feminine
  • She has a favorite golfer hat which she looks great in
  • Some of her words to live by “Doubt Kills, Some movement is better than no movement at all, Give 130% when teaching your classes and maybe your classmates will give you back 50%, if 5 people don’t like your style there are 15 others that will, when you’re teaching if they don’t get the steps by the fourth round then simplify the steps for the next time, teach at the learning level of your class but give your energy 130%, the more energized your participants are the and the more they get the steps the more calories they burn, don’t repeat songs just make your steps easy enough so that they can do the steps to burn calories, 35% of the class routines should involve fitness moves by using a dance step and sprinkle a fitness variation into that step to keep it fun, music should be 70% international and 30% regular, that 30% should be included in your warmup and cooldown songs, use your warmup as a hook with easy steps to get everyone moving but make them work for the fund stuff, warmup should be 8-15 min and cooldown at least 5 min and the body of the workout 40 min and Zumba is a Fitness class based on international dance rythems not just latin music.

I’m teaching back to back classes at milton u know…from 7-8 is Zumba BAsic and then from 8-9 is Aqua zumba.   I was really excited to use my new playlist using combined songs from Zin 28/29/30 and Mega Mix 20. I really loved Zin 30 and I used 5 songs from there for my Zumba Class.   U know for my classes there has to be some hip hoppy moves and some sexiness and belly dance too! Ended the class off with a sexy ass cooldown using that song “Break your windows” that was on the Step Up 3D soundtrack.  As far as choreography I used pretty much exact choreo for Halle Decale created by my girl, my sexy chica..Amanda Grant…and as well as for Daddy Yankee’s Lo que paso paso. But the rest of the songs I changed up the choreo so that it had more latin flava.   There was a girl in my Zumba class yesterday and you can tell she LOVES to dance latin music and chica was workin it and whoo whooing . Love those who whooers;)  As far as my playlist there are some that like to do a lot of merengue but me I like to have a balance so hopefully everyone gets their fix. for example: for a one hour class

  1. Top 40 warm up
  2. salsa warm up
  3. merengue
  4. salsa
  5. cumbia
  6. bollywood Halle Decale Zin 30
  7. salsa Lo que paso paso Zin 30
  8. merengue
  9. bellydance/hiphop
  10. merengue
  11. salsa , zin 28 fuego la jicotea (my fav salsa song – tribute to Tanya Beardsleys choreo)
  12. hip hop/reggae
  13. batchata – gotta have a piece of Aventura in there
  14. hip hop “ie zin 28’s luz del flow” with tribute to my girls Tanya B’s choreo
  15. R&B Break your windows

Although this is my kind of mix..the class ran a few min longer than expected so gotta try to shorten it by 5 min or so, in order to get to aqua class in time because i was late.

So went downstairs to get ready for aqua and changed my clothes and my black and purple wig to my black and hot pink wig and changed my hat – coz i always gotta wear a hip hoppy hat – because after the first class was dripping with sweat. took a shower and got wet and got in there to teach aQua. i know i know…they say you’re not supposed to get in the pool for safety reasons…but ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? mAN did that water feel really good after getting so heated in Zumba Basic class. I can say I’m in the water about 60% of the time. I preview the moves out the water for the first 1st round of a new move..look to see that their getting it…tell em to continue while i hop in that oasis of cool water paradise feeling.   U know…during class I felt fine..great…refreshed as we moved to She’s Hot from Zin 28. Also most important thing DRINK LOTS OF WATER or you will get CRAMPED THE HELL UP from dehydration. Bring a 1.5 litre with you to class and you’ll be fine. drink some every couple of songs.

Now….I wasn’t prepared for the residual effects after finishing the class. NAUSEA and hunger all in one. I felt to puke even I was hungry. Not to mention my body temperature won’t feel regulated and warm until i go home to take a hot shower for at least 15 minutes.  The nausea didn’t go away until around 2am. Took gravol pills, and didn’t really eat much because i felt i was gonna hurl it up.  So why did I feel that way. Was it because I didn’t eat well during the day? Was something depleted in my body that caused me to feel that way?

And the search begins….come on google show me the light!

Later that day…Google shed some light on the subject: Apparently It was a combination of being low n potassium and magnesium and dehydration. With dehydration you not only need to replenish your water but the salts as well – so either a no carb poweraide or a gatorade which ever one you like in combination with more water consumption throughout the day.  For potassium..good to have a banana 30 min before class, and magnesium as well as more potassium , eat nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, seeds) contain a great amt of magnesium. You can have a protien shake and mix in a banana and the nuts 1 hr before you work out.  For any of you experiencing the same thing…hope this helps!

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Hey Tanya Beardsley fans..but bigger fan than me..her one and only BFF in Canada. Funny how she hasn’t answered any of my personal emails to her email.  I’m just telling myself..she doesn’t mean to and i’m sure she’s really really busy and can’t spare 2 minutes to reply…no no scratch that……and ‘is unable to spare time at that specific moment’. I do really have a habit of catching people at the wrong time…. Anyway..I won’t give up and I’m sure I’ll get a good luck wish sometime. My training with her was on August 12th 2010, a pivital point in my life that I’ll never forget until I die, and feel it just as yesterday when I asked her in the bathroom if I can be her BFF. She said “Sure” in a believeable and sincere way so I’m gonna go with dat chica.

Anyway! back to the point of this blog entry. Well got my ZIN 30 DVD/CD in the mail today and as I opened it yelled “yaaaayyyyyeeee” and ran across the street to get some snacks as I’d come back home to watch and enjoy and dance to it. Amanda Grant, you beautiful woman and Zes and chica, you did an awesome job!  So in the intro of the DVD I saw Tanya Beardsley lookin’ fitter than eva in her cut up black n’ white Zumba Tank, layered with a red bra top underneath complimented with White Zumba cargos with a black band…hmmm..didn’t see those anywhere..but had no idea she’d choose White. Well that’s gonna be on my Tanya’s Closet shopping list along with that Zumba tank too. So I looked down seeing her dancing with dark colored shoes with yellow neon laces and automatically assumed “hey those are Tanyas favorite Nike Shoes….yup and I got’em”. But as the intro played a few times I noticed they weren’t the same ones. They were dark colored..I think black or dark purple or dark navy with Red air pumps at teh back, with a green accenting on the fabric or leather of the shoe with neon laces. Soooo! Those are not the regular ones she wears ..they’re new..and they look AMAAAZZING!

sO zUMBA ladies n’ gents…I’m gonna be on the search for Tanya’s NEW favorite Shoes and buy em when I get my hands on em;)  So here we go with the Where’s waldo game called Where’s Tanya B’s Shoes!

p.s. If you google about Tanya Beardsley’s favorite shoes you’re gonna find my site and blog posts coming up everywhere. I’m thinking those shoes were custom and ordered online to combine all three of those colors in one shoe coz so far found nothing on google yet. If custom is what I must do then i will. Man she has awesome taste in shoes. They’re something like the above kind but in different color but definately Nike!


p.s. She uses a phrase “Make it your own”… when you’re learning zumba choreography.  I don’t think of myself as trying to bite her style but maybe I am a bit. Everyone has their own way of interpreting rhythem so If you put us side by side doing the same move, not only will she do it better, but there will be some similarities beause i really love her way of interpreting it.  I hope that doesn’t annoy her or something but I think we all inevitably make it our own because we naturally have our own way of interpreting rhythem.   I hope this phrase is not applicable to her shoes though…and gottem custom made to make the search for em just a weeeeee bit harder…  She’s a Zumba celeb anyway..shouldn’t she have a custom shoe anyway?? See yaa…I just wanna bee yaa lol!

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Let me first set the record straight that when you begin to think of becomming an instructor and joining the ZIN network it’s not just about that. You gotta go into it with a positive and ‘I can do this’ attitude. Being a part of a Zumba family is one of the best things about it too. Respecting other instructors, treating them with kindness and being helpful …because we’re all family. This is one of the reasons I share information on my blog – to help my Zumba family or to help others thinking of becomming a part of it;)

So what is the training like. Well when you say nitty gritty there’s really none. When I took my basic training with the infamous Tanya Beardsley it was the day I realized how one human being can be so inpirational to the point extreme awesomeness. The entire day was positive…fun…your eyes are open and keen for information and to be inspired by helpful advice. To get rid of the worry that ‘you’re not good enough to teach Zumba’. They tell you when is the best time to start, how to be prepared, how to get rid of your inhibitions. It’s a day filled with HOT Zumba exercise moves, with great music, water breaks, advice, reading material, freebies, and even getting a chance to be on stage. But go in front okay? That’s how I got to samba with Tanya B. If there is a move that you’ve mastered..then go with that..and give it your all.

Rule number 1.  hydrate hydrate hydrate or the charlie horses will come a gallopin’ to your legs and pull them right out from under you. Bring a change of workout clothes coz you’re gonna sweat unlike no other day.

A few words of advice I’ve kept in my heart from Tanya Beardsley ZES:

  • Doubt kills, because if you doubt yourself your students will smell it!  Make a decision to NOT doubt yourself and do what you gotta do. U know you know how to do that salsa step, merenge step and reggaeton bounce, so do it like there’s no tomorrow. Smile and have fun and make some noise!
  • Everybody has their own style and way of interpreting Rhythem.  Each Zumba instructor is different in their own way. So there is room for all of us in this Zumba Family.
  • Dance is Talent
  • Throw your ego out the window.
  • Get CPR training
  • The Zumba Formula is what makes Zumba unique – Follow it and believe in the program
  • Add FIS Group fitness training so that you can offer better Zumba Fitness Classes – CAN FIT PRO OFFERS THIS
  • Report unlicenced Zumba instructors – Suggest that they take basic training, join zin to remain licenced to teach Zumba fitness classes




Remember that song? Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Heyyyyyyy aaayyyyyy aaayyyyyyy I said HEYyyyyy! What’s gowiiinnnn on!  That lady with the Janis Joplin voice. That’s the song that came to my head right now just right before writing this post.

What’s going on is …is that it’s clear how much I enjoy teaching Zumba Fitness Classes and Aqua Zumba Fitness Classes.   I swear for that entire hour I’m teaching…I don’t think of any problems or things going on in my life that stress me out for that entire hour. It’s really a great feeling. I’m smiling, I’m laughing…i’m whooooing..and feeling..ofcsouse    sexxxxxaaaayyyyyyy! and the ladies feel sexy too and I can see it the look in their eyes when they roll their hips in the water!  It gives me a work satisfaction unlike no other job I’ve had.   Soooooooo… that’s why I’m trying to get more jobs teaching now.

Now I’m officially teaching 3 times a week and soon to be 4 starting january. There will be 2 Zumba classes and 2 Aqua zumba classes a week. I can sure teach more Aqua zumba classes during the week because it’s easier on the body. The members at Premier Fitness in Mississauga…u know the burnhamthorpe and erin dale station location…yeah that one…they’re really embrasing it. Last week there were 14 people.   According to a successful Aqua fit program that used to be taught there but is no longer..there were 20 members every class…but for whatever reason the instructor no longer teaches there.   Maybe he got bored or something… but

CON ZUMBA!  There is just no room for boredom.  The Zumba Fitness Programs are long as the ZIN’s…instructors who are members of the zumba instructor network are embrasing the new choreography and music…it will be kept forever fresh ..and here’s the plus …YEAH WITH LICENCED MUSIC!  Instructors who are embrasing too much of the Top 40 hits or oldies and incorporating them in their classes forget that SOCAN is gonna come out to get us soon unless we stick to ZIN music only. You pay 30 a month for the licence to use the music along with many other benefits. Need I list them again..okay I’ll list a few:

  • the right to use licenced Zumba Fitness Music
  • The right to advertise your class on a flyer
  • The right to call your class ‘Zumba’
  • The right to clothing discounts
  • The right to advertise Zumba on your website
  • The right to use the trademark ‘ Zumba’ in your website name like
  • The right to teach classes indefinately without having to recertify after one year is up. yes that’s right..if you’re not a zin member you can only teach zumba classes at your place of employment or business for 1 YEAR then you gotta stop. Take a B1 course again..and join the Zin network baby and embrace the freshness and sexiness of the Zumba Fitness Program.
  • The right to stay confident and true to the zumba formula so your class doesn’t evolve in to a foomba or fumba variation. need i not translate:P

Can you tell I’m a happy ZIN member? hell yeah baby!

So! My next step in my CON ZUMBA career is to get more Zumba related jobs and work in more fitness centres. Lose 30 more pounds and look super hot for next Summer.  And if I play my cards right…Meet my girl Tanya Beardsley again and dance and punch the sky with her again in New York Citayyy  or at the Zumba Convention 2011.   Take a nice photo with the Zumba God Beto Perez and Identify what colone he wears and tell my main squeeze to wear it till he dies. lol!  Hmmm..what else….  Who knows be in a taping with my new hotter body for a ZIN taping…maybe be on tv…host a Zumba Fitness Class in da Cluuuuuubbb.  This is gonna be a great next 12 months and that ma new year resolution

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm beeeetttoooooooooooooooo!

Peace out!

Farida B

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