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{November 20, 2016}   How to cut up a Zumba Tee-shirt
Tanya Beardsley is still foremost my favorite Zumba Instructor. Kass has got nothin’ on you girl!  Even now that she is no longer promoting for Zumba Fitness she is still an inspiration when it comes to fashion and t-shirt cutting.  I believe that she actually started the whole craze because she is just that cool…
So even though Tanya Beardsley is gone from Zumba, her spirit is still here and shouts to us saying “Be the change you wanna see in the world.” – Ghandi
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Hey there – so one day decided to post my cut up Zumba t’s on ebay to sell off my stock and surprisingly they went like hot cakes.   Got awesome feeback too from those who got theirs already – i.e. superbe, perfect

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p.s. kinda sucks for new sellers they’re limited to the quantity of em they can sell. got more but can’t sell em now just on the website above.  also sold on ebay for discount price

I’m teaching back to back classes at milton u know…from 7-8 is Zumba BAsic and then from 8-9 is Aqua zumba.   I was really excited to use my new playlist using combined songs from Zin 28/29/30 and Mega Mix 20. I really loved Zin 30 and I used 5 songs from there for my Zumba Class.   U know for my classes there has to be some hip hoppy moves and some sexiness and belly dance too! Ended the class off with a sexy ass cooldown using that song “Break your windows” that was on the Step Up 3D soundtrack.  As far as choreography I used pretty much exact choreo for Halle Decale created by my girl, my sexy chica..Amanda Grant…and as well as for Daddy Yankee’s Lo que paso paso. But the rest of the songs I changed up the choreo so that it had more latin flava.   There was a girl in my Zumba class yesterday and you can tell she LOVES to dance latin music and chica was workin it and whoo whooing . Love those who whooers;)  As far as my playlist there are some that like to do a lot of merengue but me I like to have a balance so hopefully everyone gets their fix. for example: for a one hour class

  1. Top 40 warm up
  2. salsa warm up
  3. merengue
  4. salsa
  5. cumbia
  6. bollywood Halle Decale Zin 30
  7. salsa Lo que paso paso Zin 30
  8. merengue
  9. bellydance/hiphop
  10. merengue
  11. salsa , zin 28 fuego la jicotea (my fav salsa song – tribute to Tanya Beardsleys choreo)
  12. hip hop/reggae
  13. batchata – gotta have a piece of Aventura in there
  14. hip hop “ie zin 28’s luz del flow” with tribute to my girls Tanya B’s choreo
  15. R&B Break your windows

Although this is my kind of mix..the class ran a few min longer than expected so gotta try to shorten it by 5 min or so, in order to get to aqua class in time because i was late.

So went downstairs to get ready for aqua and changed my clothes and my black and purple wig to my black and hot pink wig and changed my hat – coz i always gotta wear a hip hoppy hat – because after the first class was dripping with sweat. took a shower and got wet and got in there to teach aQua. i know i know…they say you’re not supposed to get in the pool for safety reasons…but ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? mAN did that water feel really good after getting so heated in Zumba Basic class. I can say I’m in the water about 60% of the time. I preview the moves out the water for the first 1st round of a new move..look to see that their getting it…tell em to continue while i hop in that oasis of cool water paradise feeling.   U know…during class I felt fine..great…refreshed as we moved to She’s Hot from Zin 28. Also most important thing DRINK LOTS OF WATER or you will get CRAMPED THE HELL UP from dehydration. Bring a 1.5 litre with you to class and you’ll be fine. drink some every couple of songs.

Now….I wasn’t prepared for the residual effects after finishing the class. NAUSEA and hunger all in one. I felt to puke even I was hungry. Not to mention my body temperature won’t feel regulated and warm until i go home to take a hot shower for at least 15 minutes.  The nausea didn’t go away until around 2am. Took gravol pills, and didn’t really eat much because i felt i was gonna hurl it up.  So why did I feel that way. Was it because I didn’t eat well during the day? Was something depleted in my body that caused me to feel that way?

And the search begins….come on google show me the light!

Later that day…Google shed some light on the subject: Apparently It was a combination of being low n potassium and magnesium and dehydration. With dehydration you not only need to replenish your water but the salts as well – so either a no carb poweraide or a gatorade which ever one you like in combination with more water consumption throughout the day.  For potassium..good to have a banana 30 min before class, and magnesium as well as more potassium , eat nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, seeds) contain a great amt of magnesium. You can have a protien shake and mix in a banana and the nuts 1 hr before you work out.  For any of you experiencing the same thing…hope this helps!

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Hey Tanya Beardsley fans..but bigger fan than me..her one and only BFF in Canada. Funny how she hasn’t answered any of my personal emails to her email.  I’m just telling myself..she doesn’t mean to and i’m sure she’s really really busy and can’t spare 2 minutes to reply…no no scratch that……and ‘is unable to spare time at that specific moment’. I do really have a habit of catching people at the wrong time…. Anyway..I won’t give up and I’m sure I’ll get a good luck wish sometime. My training with her was on August 12th 2010, a pivital point in my life that I’ll never forget until I die, and feel it just as yesterday when I asked her in the bathroom if I can be her BFF. She said “Sure” in a believeable and sincere way so I’m gonna go with dat chica.

Anyway! back to the point of this blog entry. Well got my ZIN 30 DVD/CD in the mail today and as I opened it yelled “yaaaayyyyyeeee” and ran across the street to get some snacks as I’d come back home to watch and enjoy and dance to it. Amanda Grant, you beautiful woman and Zes and chica, you did an awesome job!  So in the intro of the DVD I saw Tanya Beardsley lookin’ fitter than eva in her cut up black n’ white Zumba Tank, layered with a red bra top underneath complimented with White Zumba cargos with a black band…hmmm..didn’t see those anywhere..but had no idea she’d choose White. Well that’s gonna be on my Tanya’s Closet shopping list along with that Zumba tank too. So I looked down seeing her dancing with dark colored shoes with yellow neon laces and automatically assumed “hey those are Tanyas favorite Nike Shoes….yup and I got’em”. But as the intro played a few times I noticed they weren’t the same ones. They were dark colored..I think black or dark purple or dark navy with Red air pumps at teh back, with a green accenting on the fabric or leather of the shoe with neon laces. Soooo! Those are not the regular ones she wears ..they’re new..and they look AMAAAZZING!

sO zUMBA ladies n’ gents…I’m gonna be on the search for Tanya’s NEW favorite Shoes and buy em when I get my hands on em;)  So here we go with the Where’s waldo game called Where’s Tanya B’s Shoes!

p.s. If you google about Tanya Beardsley’s favorite shoes you’re gonna find my site and blog posts coming up everywhere. I’m thinking those shoes were custom and ordered online to combine all three of those colors in one shoe coz so far found nothing on google yet. If custom is what I must do then i will. Man she has awesome taste in shoes. They’re something like the above kind but in different color but definately Nike!


p.s. She uses a phrase “Make it your own”… when you’re learning zumba choreography.  I don’t think of myself as trying to bite her style but maybe I am a bit. Everyone has their own way of interpreting rhythem so If you put us side by side doing the same move, not only will she do it better, but there will be some similarities beause i really love her way of interpreting it.  I hope that doesn’t annoy her or something but I think we all inevitably make it our own because we naturally have our own way of interpreting rhythem.   I hope this phrase is not applicable to her shoes though…and gottem custom made to make the search for em just a weeeeee bit harder…  She’s a Zumba celeb anyway..shouldn’t she have a custom shoe anyway?? See yaa…I just wanna bee yaa lol!

{December 1, 2010}

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Who said Zumba Fitness is just another exercise program fad.  Here are a few things that set becoming a Zumba fitness instructor a part from the rest.

  • It encourages a “Zumba Family” Concept
  • Zumba instructors wear fashion forward colorful workout gear to promote a positive atmosphere in their classes
  • It encourages the moto ‘” Ditch the workout and join the party” concept
  • As Zumba fitness instructors, some of us excel to become Dance Performers/Motivators/Instructors
  • Also encourages the look and feel younger and sexier concept through wearing fashion foward colorful clothing and accessories such as hats, wristbands, necklaces, earings and makeup!

Zumba instructors not only make their classes a party but some also look like a  party too.

bellydance! zaghareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Anyone say I for adding an arabic folk dance Dabke to a Zumba fitness class;)

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This shirt is great for all shapes and sizes. It’s modest so it doesn’t look like half the shirt is missing and it has just the right amount of sexy with the off the shoulder twist.

Be prepared to go to your next zumba fitness class in style and it’s great to match with your already current workout gear.  Don’t be surprised if you feel more confident and dance with a little more flare, a little more sexy and a little more shake wearing this shirt  – CON ZUMBA!!!

Hey Zumba Fans! How about some Zumba Cargo pants to look more the part in your next Zumba Fitness Class.  Zumba Fitness classes are like a party and now you can look like a party too!


{October 15, 2010}   Keepin’ my cool with Aqua Zumba

Want Zumbawear for $15?  Send an email to qualify for a discount on a white off the shoulder cut up Zumba T. If you’re a fan of zumba but too shy to start with a burst of color, this is a good start. Quote code:Keepitsexy1015 in your email. Email faridadancer[a t t ]

So! I have my first official Aqua Zumba class starting this Sunday at Premier Fitness. Woo hoo! Good business move because it’s the first official Aqua Zumba class in Mississauga, Ontario – So good on ya guys!  I did ask if there is a drop in rate and it’s $25, basically the cost of the membership of $30.   It may be worth inquiring if you find Aqua Zumba is a better cardio fit for ya.  

I saw a video done by another Aqua Zumba instructor for Shakira’s Waka Waka Waka – and it was really fun to watch him do it and definately looks fun to do. I’m still thinking of doing that routine for this sunday.   There won’t be any aqua mats so i’m a lil nervous about that.

My wish to ‘Tanya’s shoes’ :

   Please ‘Tanya’s Shoes’ don’t make me fall on my ass 

Instill the wow factor I’ll need, during my first class

 keep me cushioned, and keep me safe

 keep me balanced and not show up late.

I feel great in you, and you feel great in me

Guys don’t get the wrong idea, just take it easy

This class will be great, and not a big mistake

Oh Tanya shoes, you are the one

and because of that, this class will be lots of fun!

Peace out!

  • Also the off the shoulder feel the music Zumba T is a hit, Everyone who gets it loves it! Totally sold out of black and only have a few white left – Order yours and wow em’

  • Well I’ve continued to teach privately at Cawthra Community centre on Tuesday mornings which hasn’t quite got off the ground yet. I blame lack of advertising because those that do show up enjoy it. When I get some money together I plan to advertise in community newspapers for Mississauga, Ontario. In the meanwhile I’ve been using free not to mention, ineffective resources such as kijiji, and other sources that can be found from
    • I’ve been officially hired by Premiere Fitness, on a 3 month probation ofcourse to teach Aqua Zumba..yeah! I’m happy for that to get my foot in the door and gain the experience as an entertainer as well as a motivator just like my girl Tanya Beardsley. As a rookie, I have ALOT to learn about how to motivate a fitness class.  I hope in the next few months as a teach more and more classes I’ll bloom and grow as sung in that sound of music;)

    • I taught my first Aqua Zumba class at a private health club the other day which was a learning experience. Most of the ladies were elderly but said although it was fun they didn’t get much of a workout on their legs.  Strange because when we were doing the leg work not many of the senior participants were moving them.   I blame myself partially although I did try to motivate them to move more.   I’m currently in the process of getting sound advice from Tamara Said about how to motivate an Aqua fitness class because I really believe in it.   The lady at the health club likes me and would like to put me in as a sub in case an instructor can’t make it in for an Aqua fit class.   Well aqua fit is also a favorite for many which they’re satisfied with the workout they get from it. So to put in a last minute Aqua Zumba class would be different but I don’t want it to be disappointing as far as a workout.   I personally believe in the Aqua Zumba fitness program as an effective exercise program but one must work at it while in the water.   I’m in the process of coming up with ways to improve the outcome of all Aqua Zumba classes I teach so that if they’re going to complain they won’t say “it was too easy” or they didn’t get much of a workout.  We’ll show em won’t we;)

  • I’ve also inquired how much it cost to rent a pool and it’s around a hundred bucks for one hour woo! If I did do a private Aqua Zumba class I’d definately rsvp that event before commiting to  anything
  • Remember that bad job interview I had for that lady who basically dissed me? Well like they say, when one door opens another door closes…um i mean…when one door closes another door opens. She was going to offer me 2o/class but for the other jobs I’ve been getting it’s more. So woo hoo and c ya , don’t wanna be ya’. She’s the one that told me that no one wants a dancing body with it’s head cut off. ouch man! that’s harsh. But i’m definately lovin’ it when my body is dancing…gotta try not to get too carried away. In class it was cute in Aqua Zumba because got the ladies giggling when I brought out a few sexy stylings especially during a batchata or salsa;)


    • Oh yeah and I also noticed that on the Aqua Zumba CD we got as instructors there were no SALSA songs! sO I modified the moves for Fuego La Jicotea from ZIN 28 one of my absolute salsa faves for Aqua Zumba.

    • A lady who complimented me I remember she said “I can see it’s in you”.  So she saw in me what I feel when I’m teaching a class and that’s feeling the music and interpreting the rythem very well.  Definately wore Tanya Beardsley’s shoes to all my job meetings and classes to keep me safe, confident and doubt free! That’s my Bff – Zumba Love Chica! xox

Check out my schedule for Aqua Zumba Classes in Milton, Ontario and Mississauga, Ontario

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