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{February 14, 2011}   A good Zumba Instructor – Get the truth!

Hey … I was wondering one day how do you really know if you’re a good Zumba Instructor and that your participants like your style?  How do you know when a participant says “your class is good” that they really mean it?

I went to sub at one location one day and the manager told me ” we’re looking for someone that is exciting and has energy..because our partipants tell us that our zumba class sucks”. I couldn’t believe it…she said it out right just like that.   The instructor that teaches it has all the credentials of a fitness instructors from FIT, Zumba Licencing, a Zin member..and I think even PTS too by Can-Fit-Pro.  But even with all this, there is negative feedback.

If i go to a zumba class and I don’t like the instructor’s style, because every one has their taste…I just won’t ever come back. But I would never have the guts to tell to their face because people are human and have feelings.

I know the subject of this post is “get the truth”…but is there any way to actually get it?

Here are some ideas I have:

Feel the energy in the class room, are they looking like they enjoy it – are they moving? – do they return to your class again – is your class busy on a night where the fitness club is generally busy? – have you received negative feedback and not followed up on it or try to improve? – are you staying true to the zumba formula – are you changing your music at most every 2 months? – are you using zin music? – are you using the 30% 70% split to keep outta da foomba zone? – are you picky on participants getting the moves right when they just wanna dance?

I did a class at wynn fitness two weeks ago and a member said to me, “can you do some reggaeton”. I was a little confused because there is reggaeton interludes throughout my song list. Then i figured..maybe she wants more full songs with reggaeton. So hey..i’m doing exactly that. I find that people like “she’s hot” on zin 28..and then I’m adding a couple more.

Well i know i haven’t written in a while because i just haven’t gotten to it but i got several topics written in my notebook as a reminder to touch on. This was one of them;)

Hey so keep dancin and keep exercising con ZUMBA!!!

Jaihanne Abdellatif says:

I’m just starting up as a Zumba Instructor and found your feedback useful. Just wandered how one can improve their techniques as a Zumba instructor. How long should the songs be?

Hiya – Theres always room for improvement especially myself. The most important is to be yourself and to use songs that make you feel you wanna dance! Chances are if you like the song and you got your energy going you’re going to pass it along to your students. From my experience although participants taking your zumba class may be coming for the first time there is one thing i’ve learnt……They want to sweat! Too much choreography and changing up moves often isn’t a good idea. There is alot of good advice in your ZIN booklet. Are you a Zin member?

Angela says:

The key is energy and variety! People don’t want to go to the gym to watch us dance, they want to be motivated and us to teach them how to move. Get to know each student, make them feel important….yell out “how is everyone feeling?” Make them interact with you in class…throw in a couple yawns (in a joking manner) if they seem to be low on energy (trust me they will laugh/giggle and then start moving their bodies in ways that you could never imagine). We are there to motivate them to work out. If you can do that…everything else will fall into place.

I also try to pick songs that make them participate. I like to use songs that they can sing out “hey…hey” or “jump” or things that will make them feel like they are doing more than just dancing. Be creative…grab their attention.

Also mix up your music…get your Basic 2 mix in many different variations and styles of music. Take requests from your students. Listen to your audience.

AND CUE! Students don’t come back if they find it hard to follow. Make that your first priority, hand gestures and some students don’t get them…if they don’t you always have verbal cues to use. But, make sure they can follow you. If not, they won’t come back. And ZumbaSoul…you are correct, don’t go crazy on the moves! Too much is overkill and they get confused.

And…compliment your ladies…make them want to come back and feel that they are a part of Zumba. Acknowledge their progress and support and motivate them. I have a wall of fame that everyone of my students we take a picture on their first day of class…and well we have milestones…I let them have the first minute to share weight loss victories and as a class they all support each other. They like to know we support their goals and aren’t just there to dance for the class and go home.

Hector Reyna says:

People had said to me you should become a instructor but I never though about that. What do I need to said yes I can do it

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