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{January 7, 2011}   Who is Tanya Beardsley who was born from a boom box?

Who is Tanya Beardsley? It was a question I was asking myself back in July of 2010 before going to the Can-Fit-Pro conference where she was going to attend.  I know things about her based on what I learned at the conference but who is she really?  This is a girl who will have Zumba training sessions SOLD OUT months in advance before any other zumba celebrity, including the creator himself Beto Perez!  There is just something about that girl that vibes off of her like an endorphin that we need more of.  

So when I ask “Who is Tanya Beardley”, I’m not just talking about where she’s from and what’s her favorite color. I’d love to know who she is as a person.   If I were to interview her , here are a few questions I’d ask:

  • When did you know you wanted “dance” to be a part of your full time career?
  • At what age did you realize that you have a natural ability to motivate and inspire others? 
  • Did you ever have issues with public speaking/or public performance when you were a young chica?  Is that a hump you had to overcome? How did you overcome it?
  • Are you happy?
  •  Do you have other career goals related to Zumba?
  • What do you enjoy doing while not working?
  • If you had three wishes for your life in particular, what would they be?
  • You use the strong phrase “Keep your ego at the door” – What works for you to make sure that you yourself follow this advice as well?
  • Oh yeah and gotta ask…are some of your awesome looking shoes custom made? How do you feel about your fans wanting to wear the same shoes as you? I’m not gonna name any names lol!

So Tanya …my BFF never forget me..Farida…feel free to respond to any of the questions of the above at my email faridadancer[atttootatt]

Here is some basic information about Tanya Beardley  to know:

  • She lives in Manhattan, New York
  • Her zodiac sign is Cancer…like me…we’re practically sisters;)
  • She competed in professional ballroom latin dance before her Zumba career
  • She cuts up her zumba t’s either mens or womens shirts and wears them with colored bra tops.
  • Saw her in the dreamer zumbawear shirt and it looks ammmmazing! and chica sexy!!
  • She has a muscular build now and some big guns! I forgot to ask her to flex for me or even arm wrestle..but she still looks sexy and very feminine
  • She has a favorite golfer hat which she looks great in
  • Some of her words to live by “Doubt Kills, Some movement is better than no movement at all, Give 130% when teaching your classes and maybe your classmates will give you back 50%, if 5 people don’t like your style there are 15 others that will, when you’re teaching if they don’t get the steps by the fourth round then simplify the steps for the next time, teach at the learning level of your class but give your energy 130%, the more energized your participants are the and the more they get the steps the more calories they burn, don’t repeat songs just make your steps easy enough so that they can do the steps to burn calories, 35% of the class routines should involve fitness moves by using a dance step and sprinkle a fitness variation into that step to keep it fun, music should be 70% international and 30% regular, that 30% should be included in your warmup and cooldown songs, use your warmup as a hook with easy steps to get everyone moving but make them work for the fund stuff, warmup should be 8-15 min and cooldown at least 5 min and the body of the workout 40 min and Zumba is a Fitness class based on international dance rythems not just latin music.

Join facebook fan group: Zumba Fans in Canada –

Just found out: I don’t know if its a glitch but seems to be fore sale and the domain is set to expire by this june. also sent an email to her and it came back as mailbox full. Hope it gets back to business as usual soon.

Iris Stuart says:

Where is Tanya from or where are her parents from?

I know that she is part Italian and grew up in New York for the most part. Gonna see her on August 12th or 11th so i’ll try to make more dilligent notes there. or even requiest an interview for questions i’ve been dying to ask her all year!

she is from westport connecticut

Alina says:

happy you – gonna see Tanya soon:)
I could watch her dancing for hours!
I wish I had this chance…
here’s my favourite
do you or does anyone else happen to know the names of the songs in this video?

Did you all see the answers yet? Here are the answers to most of the questions above answered by yours Truly Tanya Beardsleeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy! Hooorrrrrraaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! and the crowd goes wilddddd! Tanya Tanya Tanya!😛

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