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{August 19, 2010}   Zumba Instructor Network Cost (ZIN) – Is it worth it Pt2

As your budget becomes tighter you begin to think what is the cheapest way to remain a Licenced Zumba Instructor.   One way people think is cheaper is cancelling the ZIN membership 6 months on and 6 months off because the minimum term you can have ZIN for is 6 months.  Well…IMHO it will cost you more in the long run.  Because when you want to join again, you’ll have to call or email or a combination of both to get it started up again which can take some time.  It can take as long as a month to get started up again so you have to consider that since your training is only valid for 1 year if you’re not a ZIN member.  As your training is valid you’re Licenced to teach that particular Zumba Fitness class whether it be Basic, Gold, Toning, Aqua or Zumbatomic.  If you don’t become a ZIN member in time your cost to take the training again, because you’d have to take it once a year will cost you about 240 in Canadian funds, when as a ZIN member it’s 130 or less depending on the Canadian Dollar.  If you need to renew your training for 1, 2 or 3 different kind of classes that could cost you all around $600 bucks in all when you can just pay 360 US/yr to keep your Licence up to date.  So really you’re going through all that trouble, if you just have one training, to save a little over 100 bucks that year, unless you plan on doing Zumba Fitness classes for only a year and quitting.  Don’t count on that because it’s addictive for the postive experiences you get out of teaching classes.

That is just 1 point alone why being a member of the ZIN network is worth it.

Second is the forum.   It’s not just about asking questions but it’s about reading answers for questions you didn’t ask yet, or finding out the latest before you find out on your own.   The other day there was a Bonus track called Sacudelo by Willy Chirino danced by Tanya Beardsley and I wouldn’t have found out about it if I didn’t log into the forums.  After I received my ZIN CD she then tells you to log in and find it there.  So I found out about that new coreographed routine, practiced it and had it down pat in 2 days, performed it for my friends twice before I even got my ZIN 28 DVD. Now that’s the second awesome point is how you can be kept up to date with all the ish on da fly!

3. Extra clothing discounts as a ZIN member over and above regular discounts

4. Ability to have a domain name with the name ‘Zumba’ in it

5. Ability to be an authorized Zumbawear reseller

6. Receive updated Music, and DVD coreography by your favorite Zumba Celebs monthly! That way your class stays fresh!

7. Discounts on attending Zumba Events – Like Mexico’s Club Med Zumba Week this December 4-11

8.Ability to use Zumba logos on your website and on your promotional marketing material

9. Discount on future trainings which cost $125 cad

10. Ability to post your classes under your ZIN profile on the Zumba website and people can email you. If you’re not a ZIN member, it just has a little blurb about you, with no picture, no contact info and no schedule.

11. Lessen the chances your classes will be foomba which are Zumba fitness classes which don’t follow the Zumba Formula using tools from the ZIN Network

12.  Added March 24, 2011 – Being a ZIN member allows you the right to teach specialty Zumba programs such as Zumba Gold, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning, and Zumbatomic.   If you’re not subscribed to the Zin program then the only class you can teach is Zumba Basic 1/2 which like nearly all zumba instructors are teaching right now. Get ahead of the game and offer up something different. For me, having Aqua Zumba under my belt got my foot in the door for teaching at Premier Fitness 5 months ago. Now I teach all three formats Zumba, Aqua Zumba, and Zumba Toning – Join Zin program today!

As a ZIN member you have the tools to become an Elite Zumba Fitness Instructor if you want to

*btw I was not paid nor did I benefit financially from giving my testimony today. I’m a satisfied customer who wants to tell the world ZIN Rocks!!!!

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Brenna says:

This was great information! Question… I am attending Basic in October. Trying to understand the ZIN and how it benefits me. If I become a member, I pay annual (or 6 mos minimum)and, as long as I only want to maintain the Basic level, I don’t have to retake Basic? Is that correct? Further, if I want to get certified in say, Toning, then I would receive a discount for that instructor class if I am a ZIN member?


Heyyy! Zumba Love Sista! Yes & Yes. When you’re a Zin member in good standing, you never have to take basic again unless it’s with Tanya Beardsley or Beto..I’d totally retake it just for that reason. Otherwise you don’t have to. And to the second yes, if you take toning, you’ll get an awesome discount girl and save like a hundred bucks off. Totally zumba-fricken’ worth it;) Chao bella!

Matahom says:

I joined Zin two months ago and panning to take toning… I was told that I could get discount after taking basic 1 but not true. Yesterday, I was ready to take to take Toning but no discount. I have to be honest that I was a bit disappointed when I was told I would get discount for other classes.

Well, I just don’t know if it’s worth it. If you don’t follow their exactly formula (especially in Aqua) then there are complaints. You don’t make good money and incur a lot of expenses, not to mention the $30/mo for ZIN. The DVD music hasn’t been good lately. Not real usable in the water. I am on the fence!

Hey Girl, I think it really comes down to advertising. If people like your class and know about it, they’ll come. Money can be made. Go old school and deliver flyers yourself door to door close by where you’ll be teaching. make sure to wear your zumba gear;) All in all, It’s totally worth it in just being able to have a website as a form of advertising and having rights to use their logos. Without being a ZIN member, there are so many limits to how you can market yourself. Zumba Hugs n’ support oox!

Kim says:

I had a bad episode with a park & rec person (a fellow instructor in disguise) filling out a negative evaluation for my Aqua Zumba class that was very unfair. The sad part was my supervisor did not hear all the positive comments and how my class is growing, be it ever so slow. Aqua Zumba is different than land by far, and it is more difficult to cue, but everyone still has fun and is safe. It brings Zumba to those who may not otherwise be able to do a class. I am glad I didn’t “throw in the towel” LOL!

Awesome you’re doing aqua Zumba and thanx for not throwing in the towel eh’~! Aqua zumba is sooooo fun to participate in and so fun to teach too and sweaty. I took the training in Guelph with Tamara Said and I loved it. Hopefully I’ll get an offer to teach it at a facility to gain experience. Gotta look at dvd daily to get to know the routines. Zumba Love xoxo!

andreaa says:

i am a new zin member ican not find out how to order cd dvd 28 can any one help please andrea

you gotta log into and go to the zin shop where it is available for sale

Yvonne says:

I am having the same problem with the ZIN website, they don’t seem to give you the option to purchase cd dvd’s prior to the current one’s that they send you. Surely they are missing a great market and demand here from ZIN members.

andrea richardson says:

i am a new zin member still dont no how to order 28 dvd cd can anyone help .not a lot support in zumba team /get more from .bts . andrea tel 01843294068

judy varriale says:

how do i become a zin member? What do i have to do?

hey there! You just have to log into your zumba accounnt and sign up at the bottom of the screen or…if it’s been beyond one year you’d have to take B1 training again and then sign up at that time. After you take your first training, you have 1 year to become a zin member . Good luck!

Angie says:

Hi there. Thanks for this blog. It’s informative but I’ve still got a few questions and hoped you would answer them for me.

1) I thought the $30 ZIN membership included the ZIN DVDs. Is that correct? I see someone asking how to order DVD 28, so I’m confused.

2) What’s the discount on clothing for being an instructor vs being ZIN? Do you have to be ZIN for resale purposes on items?

3) Have you found it to be profitable? Do you only hold classes at a gym or a dance studio? Or a school or church? How much does it typically cost to rent those spaces? Or is that how it works. How do you get the places to do the classes? Never done this before so I’m not 100% sure how you go about it.

4) Anything else we should know about becoming an instructor and/or ZIN benefits that you haven’t mentioned? Oh! Like the videos. Do they only come on DVD or can you download them online? Do they sell the CDs with the music or do you have to find them online yourself? Stuff like that. Thanks!

1. yes it includes the dvds from teh point you join zin and forward. if you’re late..then you can only purchase 1 previous set for 33.00. you can’t get access to past zin dvds and instructors are not allowed to let you borrow.

2. discount can be anywhere from 5-10 off clothing. yes you have to be a zin which makes you an authroized reseller to resell. if not you can’t.

3. when you put your mind to it and throw your inhibitions out the window, yes it’s profitable. i teach both studio and gyms. you can teach anywhere even outside.. rent from 45-110 depending on location and if insurance included or not. when you take the training and join zin network you can get detailed answers to all yoru questions.

4. can’t download videos online. it’s a way of keeping us zumba instructors fresh and piracy free. the choreo on youtube is different from what we actually get on the dvds. the dvd are wayyyyyy better in choreo and music variety. you get cds and dvds only when your zin. if your not a zin all you can do is teach zumba for one year thats it. no teaching privately, no website..nada. just teach zumba for one year and kaput. so be sure to join zin to make it worth your while

Angie says:

P.S. Are all the instructional DVDs like the Caipirinha one or are they more concentrated on the actual moves?

Also, how difficult is it to remember the moves as an instructor teaching them versus a student learning them in class? I ask because I know many of the moves for the songs my instructors teach but I still often forget what comes next. Ugh!

they’re concentrated on teh actual moves. because you practice alot it’s easier to teach the moves. You’ll only get the secret to remembering the moves once you take the instructor training. Where are you located? I can find out when the next training session is.

Angie says:

Thanks for the info. It’s something I’ll consider. I think I realized what it is that has me hesitant though I love Zumba. The ZIN setup reminds me a bit of the home party romance company I used to be with. I left it because the owner was a jerk but I know that as much as I love Zumba, that wouldn’t be a problem. Bummer on the $5 to $10 off on clothes, though. I have a business license and would’ve loved to also sell the clothing if I could’ve gotten them at wholesale prices. There isn’t a training anywhere close to me for the next six months. So it’ll give me time to figure out if I’d want to do this or just keep going with my instructor whom I LOVE. I’d have a hard time giving her up even if I did go ZIN because she’s amazing. 😛

Zumbalove says:

Question on ZIN: How many songs & routines are sent to you each month? I’m curious on just how much material I would be able to add each month if I joined ZIN. Also, is the music sent to you on a CD or do you download it from a site they offer? Thanks!

something comes in the mail every month. you get zin every 2 months..and a mega mix every two months. so zin then mega mix..zin then mega mix and so on. It’s awesome. On each zin there is 10 routines you can use. the mega mix doesn’t include routines but you can create your own or do a zumba jammer session and get ideas from a zumba jammer’s choreo. I use every song i love whether there is a routine for it or not. if not..I create my own. it’s FUN!i love ZIN MUSIC!

Rachel Stoklosa says:

You have some really great info on your site. I just wanted to get some more clarification on the ZIN releases you get. If you teach more than one ZUMBA level i.e. basic 2 and gold, do you get releases specific for each level. Also do you pay just $30 regardless of how many levels you teach or is it $30/level?

heyyy zumba fan! you get releases for each specific level you teach. All of that for 1 flat rate of 30 per month. Awesome!!!

Carol says:

I will be taking the basic gold in May. Does that mean I will be able to teach Basic 1 and Gold, Gold meaning for seniors and handicapp citizens. I am a RN and I own a small assisted living home and would love to implement zumba Gold into their everyday activities. I have been going to Zumba for 14 months, 5 to 7 days a week. I am addicted. So apparently I LOVE IT. I also want to teach kids with disabilities. I have a Down Syndrome son who loves to dance))). After I take the class in May 2011, I will be able to become a Zin member the very next day, right? I must say this is the best thing to hit the world EVER in the exercise/dance catagory. Thank you and thank Beto. Ya’ll are the best!!

I love your excitement! You can become a zin member the same day of the training!

DIANA says:


I just took my training and I am little bit lost with the zin membership. how can I download music from the page? Is this possible to to? How can I get new music?


The music for download on the webiste is actually old. If you’re a zin member, look forward to getting dvd/cd music in the mail. It’s fresh. It’s hot! and stuff most haven’t really heard before in a Zumba fitness class. Zin 33 gets my bones tingling!

When did Zin 33 come out? I took my training on 7/15, did I miss that set?

got zin 33 last month in july actually. You won’t be receiving zin 33 you’ll get 34 when it comes out and likely a megamix cd. congrats on your training!


I am looking for Zumba instructors to teach at two CCAC sites–Allegheny Campus on the North Side of Pittsburgh, and West Hills Center in Oakdale. Both courses are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and both begin mid-September. If you are interested, please contact me at 412/237-4683 or and I will send details.




You’ll need to contact the zumba office in florida and you can do that with a credit card over the phone. Best times to call is between 9am and 11 in the morning.

Ginger says:

I am thinking of becoming a zumba instructor. I already teach line dance. I’m concerned about two things: The monthly ZIN fee (on top of expensive certification) and whether I should start out with Gold or not. Does anyone find that $30 a month a bit excessive? Where I live, there are many many regular zumba classes, but very few gold, and I though maybe that would be a niche for me. But I need to know if it’s really for senior citizens/handicapped people or for those interested in a lower-impact version of zumba. I would prefer to offer a lower-impact version than what I see in the regular zumba class I take now.

Thank you for your question:) If you’re interested in teaching lower impact version of Zumba then Gold is the one that you want. When I initially started teaching this was a level I taught for a while. It helped having that knowledge so that I was able to tweak my regular zumba class if a lower impact was requested. I’ve come up with a couple of questions to help you decide if you find value in becoming a zin member.
1. Do you find value in receiving songs that are licenced for fitness classes?
2. Do you find value in knowing that you are offered choreography and choreography notes so that you don’t have to come up with new material all on your own?
3. Do you find value in knowing that you can access the ZIN forum 24 hours a day to ask questions such as this one at any time and receive an answer in usually under 1 minute?

4. Do you find value in being able to purchase Zumba clothing at up to 40% off when it goes on sale and in combination with your ZIN member discount?
5. If you had a million dollars…would you give me half?

Now if you can answer yes to at least 2 of the questions above…then you should become a zin member. Hope that helps! Zuuuummmbbaaaaa!

Hi there

My name is Sue, I have a Thai friend (Tik) in Thailand that did Zumba Program Level 1&2 Instructor Up-Skill Training in 2009, does this mean she has to redo basic to become a Zin Member ? also does she have to do refresher course every year to keep her instructor license up to date ? Your help will be much appreciated in this regard. Thanks. Regards Sue (Zumba Fan)

Hi..thanx for your question. Yes she has to redo B1 training because it expired in 2010.. If she becomes a zin member she doesn’t have to refresh every year. If she doesn’t then she has to take the training every single year. Zuuummbbaaa!

Edwina Nurse says:

I have just done my basic level one and I need to join Zin, my account has been activated but there is nothing on the webpage to tell me how to join Zin I am getting very frustrated as i need to join now, please can you help me?

Esther says:

Heyyyy, so i have a question….so i plan on becoming liscensed to be an instructor when i turn 18 and i’m planning on getting the zin membership as well. But will i be able to order the previous zin and megamix cd’s as well as dvd’s?

unfortunatley, no. Best of luck!

Jenny says:

Awesome, awesome information!!! Thank you so much, I’m getting certified in Zumba basic this coming Saturday, so excited! 🙂

Vrishali says:

i dont remember the login n password n nw m nt able log on i wanted to be a zin member ……plz suggest

Vrishali says:

i hav done my basic zumba training last year….still 15 days remaining to copmlete d year can i become d zin memeber?? wts the procedure

Hillary says:

This is awesome information! Thank you much for posting it! I’m getting my B1 certification on May 4th.. I just have a question. When you get further certs (like Aqua or Toning), do you get additional monthly materials from zin? Thanks! 🙂

Heslaine Ribeiro says:

Eu fiz o curso e adorei foi Super…
porem gostaria de saber se meu cadastro no zin está tudo certo?
aguardo respostas no email-

Shea says:

The info on your site is fanastic. I just started doing Zumba and having great time. I been taking International ballroom for several years and couldn’t get anuff of the latin dances. Zumba is best of both world’s. Latin music and Latin dancing.
I plan on taking my Basic 1 in Aug 2012, but the question I have is how do you become a ZES (Zumba Education Specialists). I beleive you have to be ZIN member, but don’t course to take to get your ZES.

Thanks in advance

France Plamondon says:

I teach Zumba gold is it possible to get just Gold dvd and CD?

filiz says:

hi,i love zumba, i got basic step 1, 14-15 of july 2012 , i didint get any cd yet. i am very excited to have them soon and work with it.why it takes so long.thanks

Diane says:

Hi! I am much older than most Zumba students but have been approached many times by both students and instructors about becoming an instructor. There is a class here in Virginia on Sept. 22 and I think I will go for it. I have not done so in the past due to the expense, but I actually have someone who offered to split the cost. I have no plans to go all out to teach, but if presented, I would love to have the opportunity to front a class. My question is about ZIN: since I will not need all the DVDs/CDs at the top level, what is the difference between signing up for 6 months as opposed to one year? Any advice would be greatly appreciated – Zumba Love!

lost my cd/dvd zin #33 new a new one

juanita le falher says:

last time I’ve asked for the size of your footwear I fit 3 1/3 for U.K as size but I think you dont have these size is it so

Dancer1987 says:

im getting certified in January 11th in Barcelona i cant wait!!!!

monica velazquez says:

my friend and i are really thinking about getting certified and starting our own Zuma workshop. A little of it all,

Laura says:

I am a new instructor who has been debating joining ZIN. I didn’t want to until I had a consistent job that would make it worth my while. The question I can’t seem to find the answer to anywhere is how much of a discount off of clothing ZIN members gets. I buy a lot of clothes so it might be worth it just for that if it’s a decent discount 🙂

Jackie says:

I just enrolled myself to a Zumba basic training & I’m so excited to become an instructor soon. Can I use my own mix of songs (also with latin music)to use for my future classes but following the choreography offered in the zin or zumba program?

Kasia says:

If you like Zumba and have some spare time and fresh ideas on how to do your own classes then yes – it’s definitely worth it.
Bear in mind you will have to pay for the course and organize your classes and look for some good places to host your Zumba classes, also you will need some posters and quite a lot of online marketing if you want to be serious. But it’s worth it 😀

Thuy says:

Hi. I want to enrol for Zumba, but dont know how?? and where to???? . I live in Melbourne. Pls can anyone answers me this question

[…] See original here: Zumba Instructor Network Cost (ZIN) – Is it worth it Pt2 | The … […]

sandy polsky says:

I’ll be going to Basic training tomorrow!
Where are the places, in general, that typically embrace someone teaching zumba? I’ve tried local churches but they’ve said no — I think it’s because of liability. Do I have to have my own liability insurance?
I also plan to approach schools, colleges, assisted living facilities, community centers. Anywhere else you can suggest?

And typically is there a monthly fee or do places that allow you to instruct there usually charge per class? Lastly, are there facilities that, rather than take a monthly or per class fee, accept a % of what I take in?

carol j smith says:

i received my basic steps instructor license in 06/11/2011 and became a zin member before the 6 months time expired then i lost my job and had to cancel my zin membership in august of 2013 i am thinking of rejoining could you please explain this procedure to me thank you!

maitreyi says:

M an liesenced zumba instrutor. I want to starting my own zumba studio at provide me some marketing material…but m not zin coz I can’t afford zin right now…so plz help me
Regards maitreyi

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